Retour sur le WEI – Isigny-sur-Mer capitale

Illustrations de Zoé Geslin–Bricheux, texte par Armelle Ensarguet

Tu as le rythme de sommeil d’un crackhead récidiviste, ton maillot de bain préféré est encore vert pomme et il te reste quelques bleus ? Vous étiez bien au WEI ! Une semaine après la guerre, le Dragon Déchaîné revient sur ces trois jours et deux nuits de festivités éthyliques.

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And that’s a wrap!

Good luck! Take care! See you soon!

The weak summer sun in Le Havre stands witness to years of Sciences Po goodbyes, as the outgoing 2As set forth on new adventures around the world. We make up a significant portion of Le Havre’s transient population; here to love it, here to hate it, and now away to miss it, as it inadvertently becomes a part of us. This year should be no different, as we pack our bags, bid our farewells, and slowly empty the city. But our cohort marks something new, something divergent from the usual, something more.

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A New Chapter

I won’t conclude by giving you a piece of advice. I will just end this message with a simple yet deeply sincere “thank you.”

At 18, I chose like you to come to study in Le Havre. Like you, I wanted to understand the world around me and dig deeper in the field of social sciences and humanities. Before going to pursue my study in political sciences, I remember telling my parents when moving out of the city that I would never come back to Le Havre. At that time, I was looking forward to embracing new horizons and discovering the world. But never say never. 20 years later, I landed for a second time in this city for what would be the best part of my professional life so far.

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A Letter from Yours Truly: The Year Rep’s Goodbye

Hello healthy Mushus!

Here are some words from your 2A Year Rep Zhenhao Li for this end of academic year. Even though for the Year Reps, there is no official date for the end of mandate, this is probably the last official post from me as a Year Rep of LH 2022.

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