Retour sur le WEI – Isigny-sur-Mer capitale

Illustrations de Zoé Geslin–Bricheux, texte par Armelle Ensarguet

Tu as le rythme de sommeil d’un crackhead récidiviste, ton maillot de bain préféré est encore vert pomme et il te reste quelques bleus ? Vous étiez bien au WEI ! Une semaine après la guerre, le Dragon Déchaîné revient sur ces trois jours et deux nuits de festivités éthyliques.

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Ici c’est le Havre – Bilan de la semaine d’intégration 2021

by Anna Freund, Armelle Ensarguet et Zoé Geslin-Bricheux

La promotion 2024 a enfin franchi les portes automatiques du campus du Havre ! La semaine dernière, nos nouveaux étudiants ont pu découvrir Sciences Po, ses professeurs, son administration et ses associations sur le meilleur des campus délocalisés. Alors que la génération 2003 entame son premier semestre, Le Dragon Déchaîné revient sur la semaine d’intégration.

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*WINNER* Eyes on the (Eternal) City

Rome without its tourists is like an instrument without its musician: it does not stop being beautiful but it suffers because of its solitude. Before this pandemic, it was not usual to the Eternal City to face embarrassment, feeling inadequate before its empty avenues. The quietness is deafening. Each rione (central neighbourhoods in Rome), drained of the astonished foreign eyes is left to its uncaring inhabitants, too occupied with thoughts to pay attention to the Bernini’s sculpture or the ancient Roman obelisk to their side.

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“Eyes on the City” ENTRY 3

I have a favorite story about Osaka. In 1985, the local baseball team, the Hanshin Tigers, won the Japan Series. The fans, overjoyed at their first Japan Series victory, celebrated in downtown Osaka in a way that can only be described as unique. The fans shouted out the names of the players who had finally delivered the national title to the most passionate fanbase in all of Japan, and those in the crowd who looked like the players who were being called out dashed forward and jumped into the Dotonbori Canal.

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“Eyes on the City” ENTRY 1

Introduction: As a third-culture child, I set my foot to trace for my identity in Beijing, Ulan Bator, New York, Richmond, and many more. Growing up in the city means finding a unique path to embrace my narrative in the beauty of collisions of globalization.

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